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About Omedical Corp

Omedical was founded recently and the goal was to provide Medical Consumables Canadian Made Products to support the professional healthcare System and the Canadian Market and the world Market.

The company has accumulated rich industry experience through members and employees who are professionals with Healthcare consumables manufacturing and high tech experts who joined together to create the brand Omedical.

Giving in consideration the support service to all our partners around the world and to Canadian especially.

PPE Procurement

We created a set of procedures intended to ensure that manufactured products and performed services adheres to a defined set of quality criteria and meets the requirements of the client and the market

Customer Service

We assure you, we will provide the best customer service in our industry for a couple of reasons — We know our products and services, we get to know our customers to serve them the way that suits their business and needs.

10,000,000 Units/week

Manufacturing is our passion, as it is the soul of any industry and the solution for any problem that could face the market or the industry.

From the ER to everyday.

Breathe easier with dependable home respiratory supplies.

Nothing Fishy!

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